Vaselife Universal Cut Flower Food

Depending on the supply chain, it might have been some days before the flowers reach the vase at the consumer stage. They have been missing their natural source of nourishment.  Vaselife Cut Flower Food has been developed for a broad range of flower types (except for Anthuriums) and provides the nutrients needed for flowers to bloom naturally and fully in the vase. This product is available in powder sachets and liquid sticks. We are in full proces to develop our cut flower food products in sustainable packaging, and are very proud to offer our cut flower food in a 100 % industrial compostable sachets and in a FSC® certified watertight paper sachet fully recyclable.


  • Contains all the nutrients to simulate the flower to bloom naturally.
  • Keeping the flowers and foliage in optimum condition 
  • Stimulates water uptake, keeping the flowers hydrated whilst in the vase.
  • Can be used on all flower varieties and mixed bouquets (except of Anthurium).
  • Ensures color retention for the flowers.

Key Benefits

  • Clear universal formulation, that works on all flower types.
  • The pH value is important because it stimulates water uptake.
  • Maintains the clarity of the water in the vase.
  • Increases the vaselife of your flowers.
  • Reduce waste of the flowers compared to using only water in this stage.

Packaging and Dosing

Vaselife Universal Cut Flower Food powder sachet

  • For 0,5 litre of water, packed per 1.000 or 2.000 sachets.
  • For 1 litre of water, packed per 300 or 1.000 sachets.
  • Also available on “strings” for automatic dosage

 Vaselife Universal Cut Flower Food liquid stick

  • For 0,5 litre of water, packed per 500 or 1.500 sticks.
  • For 1 litre of water, packed per 400 or 1.000 sticks.

 To enjoy your flowers as long as possible and maximise the vaselife, please check our page on flower care.

Vaselife Universal Cut Flower Food

Sustainable Packaging

  • Our cut flower food is available in sustainable packaging.
  • FairTrade Formula.
  • Reducing use of plastic in liquid sticks.
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Flowers are grown, shipped and sold all over the world. We make sure that our products are available where and whenever you need it. Vaselife is a joint venture with the Van Dillewijn Group which brings years of expertise and a trusted worldwide distribution network.

Buy this product at Dillewijnzwapak
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