Cut Flower Solutions

Maximum Life, Minimal Waste

Choosing Vaselife means maximum flower life and minimal waste of flowers, environment and financially! Unbox your cut flower solutions with our new sustainable packaging and try our New Sustainable Range.

Try our cut flower food!

Try our cut flower food!

New! - Vaselife Recyclable Sachets & Sticks

  • Made out of 100 % Recyclable Plastic Material (PE polyethylene).
  • The empty packaging can be thrown away in the plastic bin.
  • When recycled correctly, contributes to a Circular Economy.
  • Available for both our powder and liquid formulations.

Vaselife Recyclable Paper Sachet

  • Paper packaging is fully recyclable and can be thrown away together with the paper waste.
  • The paper sachet is produced with FSC® certified paper.
  • Vaselife is a FSC® certified company.
  • Unique inner coating barrier creates water-tight barrier so the sachet can remain under water for a number of days.

Vaselife Compostable Sachet

  • Packaging can be put in the green bin together with the rest of the household waste.
  • Independently certified according to the European standard EN 13432.
  • 100 % compostable within 6-12 weeks under industrial composting conditions.
  • Universal formulation suitable for all flower types

Vaselife Liquid Stick (Fairtrade)

  • Special formulation produced with Fairtrade ingredients.
  • This flower food is Fairtrade certified.
  • Universal formulation works on all flower types, especially on roses.
  • Producer organisations are paid a Fairtrade Premium to invest in community, business and environmental projects.

Go Green! 

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Vaselife Goes Green!

Vaselife Goes Green!

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