Vaselife Universal Pro II

Vaselife Universal Pro II is to be used by wholesalers, bouquet makers, retailers and florists during transport, storage, processing and display. This conditioning product contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of the flowers, without stimulating full development in this part of the chain. 


  • Provides the necessary amount of nutrition required during the transport & display stage.
  • Stimulates water uptake, keeping the flowers and foliage in optimum condition.
  • Lowers the pH of the water to the optimal level of between 3.5 and 5.5.
  • Increases the vase life of your flowers.
  • Ensures color retention for the flowers.

Key Benefits

  • Clear universal formulation, that works on all flower types (except for Anthuriums).
  • Mixes quickly and homogenously.
  • Remains active for a number of days reducing waste, labour costs and water usage.
  • Can be dosed easily and automatically on most dosing units.
  • Extends distribution and sales period.

Instructions for Use

Dose rate is 5 ml per liter of water. Can be used on all flower varieties and to soak floral foam. Remove foliage from the section of the flower that will be below the water level and make sure to cut the flowers with a sharp and disinfected cutting tool.  Only use acid resistant pumps, pipes, hoses and other materials with the solution. Do not use in combination with metal materials (iron, zinc, copper or tin).


Vaselife Universal Pro II

Sustainable Packaging

  • The dosage is concentrated.
  • The clear formula is environmental friendly.
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Flowers are grown, shipped and sold all over the world. We make sure that our products are available where and whenever you need it. Vaselife is a joint venture with the Van Dillewijn Group which brings years of expertise and a trusted worldwide distribution network.

Buy this product at Dillewijnzwapak
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