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Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear

Post harvest


  • Stimulates water uptake, keeps flowers fresh and hydrated, prior to shipment.
  • Keeps flowers and foliage in optimum condition.
  • Can be used on all flower and roses varieties.
  • Lowers the water pH to the optimal level of between 3.5 and 5.5 pH.
  • Helps to keep vibrant flower colours.

Key Benefits

  • Can be re-used and remains active for at least 4 days.
  • Does not “bleach-out” flower colours as Chlorine treatments can do.
  • Clear formulation better for the environment and workers.
  • Easy and safe to mix and use.
  • Cost effective solution. Made in The Netherlands.

Packaging & Dosing

  • Cans of 25 or 200 L
  • IBC containers of 1,000 L
  • Dose rate: 1 ml per L solution