Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear

Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear is a post-harvest treatment to be used by flower growers directly after harvesting, grading and by handlers after (dry) transport. It is an all-purpose hydrating solution for all varieties of cut flowers especially those which are prone to water stress problems such as roses,  chrysanthemums and field crops. This post-harvest treatment  is a ‘ clear’ product and does not contain Aluminum Sulphate or Chlorine, therefore it is gentle on the foliage and gives less risk of scorching and leaf drop. Verified and allowed for Roses and Bouvardia for supply to the VBN flower-auctions.


  • Helps stimulates water uptake, keeping the flowers hydrated, prior to shipment.
  • Keeps flowers and foliage in optimum condition and greatly improves foliage quality.
  • Can be used on almost all flower varieties (except Anthurium) and is especially effective on roses.
  • Lowers the pH of the water to the optimal level of between 3.5 and 5.5.
  • Helps to maintain vibrant flower colors.

Key Benefits

  • Does not “bleach-out” flower colors as Chlorine treatments can do.
  • Clear formulation better for the environment and workers than Chlorine or Aluminum Sulphate. Also, easy and safe to mix and use.
  • Also, easy and safe to mix and use.
  • Cost effective solution.

Instructions for Use

Dose rate is 1 ml or 10 ml per liter of water. Place the flowers in the solution directly after harvesting or after (dry) transport. The colder the solution the better for the flowers. After dry transport it is advisable to cut the flowers before placing them in the solution. Recommended treatment time is between 4 and 9 hours. The solution may be re-used up to 4 days when stored cold. Our recommendation is  to use fresh solution mixed with clean water. Only use acid resistant  pumps, pipes, hoses and other materials with the solution. Do not use in combination with metal materials (iron, zinc, copper or tin).

Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear
Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear

Sustainable Packaging

  • The dosage is 10 ml or 1 ml per litre.
  • The clear formula is environmental friendly.
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