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Vaselife Professional Bucket Bag

Transport & Display


  • Contains all the nutrients needed to keep flowers fresh and healthy during the processing, transport and display stages.
  • Keeps flowers and foliage in optimum condition and improves flower life.
  • Stimulates water uptake, keeps flowers fresh and hydrated.
  • The Bucket Bag provides an easy visual dosage control.

Key Benefits

  • Universal formulation, that works on all flower types.
  • The micro-perforated holes allow the contents to dissolve quickly and homogenously.
  • Specially formulated and packaged to be better for the flowers and the environment.
  • It can be dosed easily and automatically.
  • Made in The Netherlands.

Packaging & Dosing

  • Boxes of 1,250 single bags
  • Boxes of 2,500 “strings” for automatic dosage
  • Dose rate: 1 Bucket Bag per 2 L of water